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A recent study found these key reasons why a customer did not like a salesperson.

1) The salesperson did not listen

2) They tried to sell them something, not find what the customer wanted/needed.

3) They didn't seem to know the product.

4) They did not care - or- appeared not to care.

1 & 2. Listening & selling - Too many sales people are thinking of what they are there to sell, not what the customer is there to buy. It is important to actually find out what the customer wants and values. How can you sell them something if you do not know? Kind of like "Darts in the Dark". How can you hit your target if you don't know where it is? Find out what they want and value... then convince them you have it. Simple! And - Don't be afraid to take notes, it can substantiate the fact that you care. Just be sure to allow the customer to see what you are writing, nobody likes "secrets".

3. Not knowing your product - Amazingly too many sales people are not educated on their product, their competitors product and their industry. Confidence is a large part of a successful sales person and knowledge is a true confidence builder. (or destroyer) Study and know your product or service. Know the history of the company and what is being worked on for future products. Read industry newsletters, know your competitors and what they are doing.

4. Did not care - The best sales people care about their product and customers. They want their customer to have the best product to meet there needs and wants. They know that one sale leads to more sales. But - we all have bad days. A sale or purchase is an emotional experience, we may need the product but where we buy and from who is typically decided by emotion. The best sales people know what they look like when they want to convey an emotion because they know it can mean the difference between a sale and no-sale. Try this -Make believe you are a mime and conveying sympathy, now look in the mirror. Most people will find that they do not say what they think they are saying by their expression. Practice in front of a mirror and be able to convey your emotions with an expression. You will find it that it helps you communicate, especially on those days you are not feeling 100%.


Find your target - Know what you have that will get you there - Show them you care about what they want - and...

Hit The Target!


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