Planning for Homeownership

We Are Here To Help

The decision and process of investing in your own home can be a little overwhelming at first. There are many things you need to decide; where to live, what kind of home to buy and how to finance your investment are just a few.

This guide is designed to help you navigate this important decision. We have gathered information and answers to many of the questions our Cavco West homeowners have asked us about over the years to help you in your new home choice. Our Cavco West homes are built for your life - offering you the best in quality, value, and customization. Building your perfect home is easy?let us help you through the rest of the process.

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What Should I Consider?

Here is a check list to help find the home that fits you best.

What are your family' needs?
How many bedrooms/bathrooms do you need?
Do you want the bedrooms at one end of the home or split?
Will you need space to grow?

What is the perfect location for your home?
Do you own or are you intending to buy land?
Will your home be placed on a leased home site?
If so, do you prefer a lifestyle community?

Choose your Cavco West retailer.
Our knowledgeable retailers will guide you through every step of the home-buying process. Find one in
your area. Visit

Find your perfect floor plan.
We have hundreds of floor plans and each is available in various exterior treatments. Find your perfect plan or take one and customize it! Then customize your home with décor packages, upgrade your appliances, change your floor covering. Get Creative! Go to or visit your nearest Cavco West retailer to decide which model and floor plan is best for you.

What is the best way to pay for your new home?
You can use your lender of choice! Need some help? Your Cavco West retailer can give you a list of a wide range of lenders that have financing options designed to meet your needs.

Your new home is on its way!
Our homes are delivered directly from one of our manufacturing centers or retailers location to the site you have picked for your new home.

It's here, now it's time to be installed.
Our homes are built in one or more sections. After being transported, they are installed; the utilities are connected and you move in!

All that's left is your approval!
Inspect the home with your retailer and make sure everything is as you expected. If not, don't hesitate to contact your retail home consultant so that issues may be quickly addressed.