What to Expect After You Buy

Building Your Home

Now that you've found the perfect home and the right property, the exciting part starts - preparing the site, installing your home, and getting ready to move in. Your local Cavco West home dealer can be a great resource for this process and is there to help at every step. Be sure you and your dealer clearly understand who is performing what functions at every stage in this process.

Download our handy Site Preparation Check List to assist you with the process.

Building your home breaks down into three main stages:

Protect Your Investment: Installation Warranties

Some local Cavco West dealers have their own crews, some use reliable contractors, and some don't handle installation at all and will refer you to an installation contractor. In any case, keep in mind that the manufacturer's warranty doesn't cover installation. Carefully read the your installation contract before signing.

Learn more about installation, starting with site preparation.